8 rules in dating - Dating someone with an addictive personality

Hatterer, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the Cornell University Medical College who wrote in his book, ''The Pleasure Addicts'' (Barnes) that ''Addictive behavior has invaded every aspect of American life today.

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Dating someone with an addictive personality

The important thing to remember is that your personality doesn’t determine your fate, Weaver says: “You can get help and lead a successful, productive life.” The first step, he adds, is acknowledging the potential problem -- and just by asking yourself whether you have an addictive personality, you’re already on the right track.

With addictive tragedies striking every community in the nation - with many millions of Americans addicted to alcohol and drugs alone - legions of scientists are asking: What aspects of psychological makeup contribute to addiction?

- A sense of social alienation and a general tolerance for deviance. This may help explain why adolescence and other stressful transition periods are often associated with the most severe drug and alcohol problems. Lang, a psychology professor at Florida State University, believes that the continuing search for the personality traits that play a part in the development of addictions is an essential part of the broader fight against addiction, an opinion shared by others familiar with the field.

''If we can better identify the personality factors,'' he said in an interview, ''they can help us devise better treatment and can open up new strategies to intervene and break the patterns of addiction.'' Moreover, Dr.

Genes alone aren’t enough: Even if you come from a family with a long history of addiction, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to follow in their footsteps.

Many other factors, such as the friends you hang out with, your education, your social support, and the environment you grow up in will all play a part in whether you become addicted.

Whether it pops up in an article about a celebrity who can’t seem to kick his drug habit, or your friend uses it as a joking excuse why she can’t tear herself away from the game Candy Crush, the phrase “addictive personality” gets tossed around a lot these days.

The basic idea: While most people can have a cocktail, buy a lottery ticket, or even experiment with drugs without getting hooked, those born with a specific personality type are wired to fall down the rabbit hole of addiction the moment they take their first sip, smoke, or bite.

“Personalities are very complex, and while there’s not one specific type that’s more prone to addiction than others, there are several factors that can combine to make you more likely to become addicted.” Research studies are ongoing, but here’s what we know: You may have something in your genes: “It has absolutely been proven over and over again that there is a genetic component to addiction,” Weaver says.

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