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We utilized Power Shell to configure WMI with these new instructions. Creates and registers the Binding, which associates the Condition to the Action Figure 2 shows the general details of the newly created WMI Consumer that we aptly named “_Evil Consumer_” in the Application event log.At a high level, the Power Shell script performs the following: 1. Recently created “__Event Consumer” events (persistence mechanisms) b. Creates an Event Filter (condition), to perform an action if any of the above WQL conditions are true 3. The following example illustrates another common use-case, demonstrating how attackers utilize WMI for process execution against remote systems.WMI was developed as Microsoft’s interpretation of web-based enterprise management (WBEM) for system management and auditing; however, adversaries can use it for all stages of the Attack Lifecycle (shown in Figure 1), from creating the initial foothold on a system to stealing data from the environment and everything in-between.

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The campaigns have affected various industries, with the healthcare industry being hit the hardest based on our telemetry, as seen in Figure 1.

From our trend analysis seen in Figure 3, Locky ransomware started being delivered via DOCM format email attachments more extensively beginning in August.

We would like to thank Matt Graeber (@mattifestation) for his help with developing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as an Intrusion Detection System.

We combined and modified two Power Shell scripts – originally developed by Matt – to alert on WMI Event Consumers and process creations and output details of these events directly to the Application event log.

Now that we can log newly created Event Consumers and processes spawned via WMI, we can take steps to make this more enterprise-friendly.

Our client’s SOC used a third-party utility to inject log data into their SIEM.

This allowed our client the ability to feed these logs from endpoints into their SIEM and achieve greater visibility into their entire environment. A subscription is the term used for WMI persistence, and it consists of the following three items: This WMI Subscription is similar to the Subscriptions created by attackers for persistence; however, we’re repurposing this method to perform a different type of action.

Instead of executing malware when a condition is met, such as when the system uptime reaches 200 seconds, we’re instructing WMI to log any newly created Consumers or WMI-induced process executions to the Application event log.

These latest campaigns are a reminder that users must be cautious when it comes to opening attachments in emails or they run the risk of becoming infected and possibly disrupting business operations. In many cases Red Team tools are not written because someone feels like writing a tool, or wakes up one morning thinking, “I want to write a tool today”.

Red Teamers generally identify tedious tasks in their methodology and then create tools that automate these tasks for current and future assessments.

Creates an Event Consumer (action), to log details of the newly created “__Event Consumer” or executed process a. Figure 4 shows a command-line example of Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) usage to execute a remote Power Shell process.

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