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They change at a pub and she goes through everything.

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This isn’t comically falling over and being an adorable klutz.

Messing plays Kat like a woman who is genuinely two seconds away from having a panic attack over anything not being perfect, someone who is deeply worried about what people think of her.

Speaking of, as we learn on the plane (which Kat boards with, like, nine pieces of luggage 15 minutes before takeoff because even though it’s a post 9/11 world she works for Virgin Air and can do that I guess? And the screening process he covers later in the movie is pretty shaky.

Could you just put nine pieces of luggage on a plane 10 years ago and not get charged 50 bucks for each one? But sure, he’s just gonna board an international flight with some random woman.

There’s even a thing later on where he tells Kat he hates anchovies and four scenes later he’s eating some that are offered to him so as to fit in more. “I shouldn’t be allowed to get married,” she cries, and hugs Kat really intensely and keeps repeating she loves her even if they haven’t always gotten along. Kat stops by an ATM on the way home and bangs Nick in her stepdad’s boat. She does not pay at all because she wakes up asking what happened and Nick, ever the gentleman, tells her nothing.

And then there’s this exchange at the bachelorette party, where all the ladies faun over him. (Even though she was super drunk so even if she was the aggressor, he should have said no because consent, dude.

This, combined with my love of rom-coms set in England, led to me being interested in seeing when I was 14 or 15 years old.

Of course, I have since learned that if you are going to be anyone on that show you are going to be Jack and Karen but at the time I thought Debra Messing was more my speed.

After a great dinner where everyone is getting along, Kat’s ex follows her into the wine cellar and starts trying to tell her something.

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