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KING: All right, the concept that a school -- it is a Christian training, in fact, you call it a traditional, Bible believing Christian place, right? We never have tried to, we have never tried to do that. There have been four, five, six generations of students that graduated from there have never heard this preached in our chapel or taught in our school. KING: But it's a rule, though, they know they can't. I met with the administrators this afternoon before coming here. We don't want this to be a -- here is a great institution, one of the premier academic institutions in America, one of the premier Christian colleges of America. And if all anybody can see is this rule, which we never talk about or preach, which most of our students couldn't even tell you what it is. I said to our administration, you know, guys, this thing is of such insignificance to us, it is so significant to the world at large, the media particularly, why should we have this here as an obstacle?

JONES: Sometimes they have a problem, but you know, people from accredited colleges do, too. One of our graduates recently told me that two years ago he went to the University of Virginia medical school, and I said, how many were in your freshman class? The problem we have today is that our principle is so greatly misunderstood.

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He said, "But I know the philosophy that ought to be here," and so, a little school started with 85 students in north Florida and the rest of the story is today. JONES: Now, we realize that a inter-racial marriage is not going to bring in the world the anti-Christ by any means, but if we as Christians stand for Christ and not anti-Christ, and we see -- we are against the one world church. We see what the Bible says about this, so we say, OK, if they're going to blend this world -- and inter-racial marriage is a genetic blending, which is a very definite sort of blending -- we said as -- let's put this policy in here, because we are against the one world church and, way back, 17 years ago when I was on your program, I was saying on programs all across America, we are not going to the Supreme Court fighting for our rule and our -- we are fighting for our right to it. Our concern for the cause of Christ, our concern for our graduates, our concern for our testimony, our concern for the school's broader usefulness is greater to us than a rule that we never talk about and that is meaningless to us. How about some other things before we get into political aspect.

KING: How long -- moved to South Carolina soon after? There is a religious freedom issue, that's all we ever fought for. The principle upon which it's based is very, very important. JONES: But the rule itself is not, so we did away with it.

KING: Because you didn't take black kids for a long time, right? Furman (ph) University in our town took their first black I believe it was in '65, Clemson in '63. KING: If you have a drug addict, you don't try to help them? JONES: Well, our first obligation is to the Christian student who means business for the Lord. KING: All those things are learning processes -- bad and good, but they're learning processes.

But we have said there is a principle here, an overriding principle of the one world government. JONES: It is a rule, it is, but it's the most insignificant thing, but now, we are being defined as a racist school. KING: Partly, during the era -- you know -- the era of segregation, segregationists said, well, we are not racist, we just think the races should be apart, they should be treated equally, but not together, and that was regarded as a kind of a cop-out. KING: Do you think maybe -- I mean, you could change that, you think it is a stretch maybe? It hurts our graduates, we love our graduates greatly, it hurts maybe the church, as well.

We feel like we want to promote an atmosphere to young people -- for young people to their parents, that says we're going to do everything we can to help your young person walk with God, love God, serve God. JONES: Well, it;s really not the Bob Jones theory, Larry. The Lord delivers liberal Protestants, atheists, unsaved people of any faith, delivers them from the bondage of sin to Christ. JONES: The Catholics say the deliverance is in the grace that is imparted through the transsubstantiaton that takes place in the offering of the sacraments, the elements of the sacraments...

JONES: It's not bad in itself, but the Bible teaches us to be distrustful of flesh. The physical familiarity in a close environment of young people can get out of hand very quickly, out of control very quickly. What is the argument of the Bob Jones theory against that? I mean, the way we feel about the Catholic Church or Mormonism or Buddhism or Hinduism or anything else is that, you know, we wish these people knew the Lord Jesus Christ. takes away -- you know, the Catholics are very strong on the infallibility of the pope. I mean, what -- OK, they're entitled to their opinion.

In other words, have you given thought to maybe that's taking it too far, down to two people into a whole one world concept?

JONES: I don't think it's taking it too far, but I can tell you this, we don't have to have that rule.

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, you have seen his name in headlines, you may think you know his views, but do you? He's come out of a hospital bed to be with us tonight, and we are glad to see that he is feeling better. You talked about the now controversial Bob Jones University. JONES: No, we have been controversial because we -- you know, we believe in the Bible and that makes you controversial today, but somehow this has been brought up into the middle of the campaign in the most inexplicable way. We are just trying to figure out what the meaning is. We stand against the one-world government, against the coming world of anti-Christ, which is a one world system of blending, of all differences, of blending of national differences, economic differences, church differences, into a big one ecumenical world. We said, you know, way back years ago, when we first had a problem, which was -- by the way, we started this principle, back in the mid-'50s, I was a college student at BJU at the time and it was with an Asian and Caucasian is -- we didn't even have black students for another 15 years.

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