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Everyone knows there is a stigma with people and dreadlocks, and I've of course heard comments about how dirty dreads are, and the people who have them.

Yes, I do have dreadlocks and I plan on keeping them for the rest of my life.

I'm not sure if my choice of hairstyle has ever actually kept me from getting dates or not, but I'm sure it has for some people.

Of course someone with dreadlocks would date another fellow dread head, but what about you guys and gals who have normal hair styles?

there was an actual case a few years back here, where a young man (twenties I think) tried to enter a secure area in the Pentagon, and was turned away (while his companions were admitted) because he had shaved words or designs into the side of his hair on one side.

It was taken to be a sign that he was less then trustworthy, and his appeal was rejected, as was his lawsuit.If they haven't been twisted in four months and there is an afro underneath with a foul stinch then yeah, I'd consider that undatable material. One of my son's buddies (Caucasian) got dreadlocks in his last year of highschool. he was continually twirling them on the rugby field, which made him look girly. Actually, I have seen a couple of prejudices about them show up.Handsome looking boy (man) with out them, and even looked handsome with them. The one that they are unsanitary has been around the longest, and that's actually due to SOME of the people who had them deciding to be lazy about washing, owing to how much work was involved in "undreading" and "redreading." The only caution I would give to anyone about them, is that SOME places of business will not hire you if you have them, and some secure places will not let you enter with them.A hairstylist has revealed the moment she changed a woman's life after a long battle with depression left her hair matted beyond recognition.Kate Langman, a hairstylist at The Salon inside the Ulta Beauty superstore, recently shared a story on Facebook that has touched the hearts of millions - a story beginning with a woman anxiously looking through products in the store.'When I asked her if she needed any help, she began to tell me her story,' Kate wrote.Easy going guy looking 2 have fun with the element of settling down. let thi Bridgetown Saint James Ragin Bajan 48 Man Seeking Women I would love to find a good women in this town.

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