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They may call themselves 'gladiators in suits', but little by little, Olivia and her crew begin to reveal the chinks in their armor.

I'd heard about this series and decided to give it a try. I'll try not to spoil anything for anyone who wants to give it a go... The main character, Olivia Pope is meant to be a strong, determined woman.

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U.), an elite group of profilers who analyze the nation's most dangerous serial killers and individual heinous crimes in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

When you get into trouble there's only one person to call, Olivia Pope.

Interviews with George Clinton, Grady Thomas, Rickey Vincent, Bootsy Collins, Michael Hampton, Maceo Parker, Hank Shocklee, Robert 'Peanut' Johnson, Amuka/ Sheila Brody, and De Wayne Mc Knight (as Blackbyrd Mc Night).

The episode features footage from the film Soul Power (2008), which documented the concert in Zaire, Africa which complemented the Muhammad Ali/ George Foreman fight dubbed "Rumble in the Jungle".

The following is an episode list for Unsung, an American biography and documentary television series about R&B, soul, jazz, gospel, rap and reggae recording artists from the 1960s through the 1990s.

As of 2017, the series is airing on TV One (US TV network).She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis.Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues.Interviews with Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Juan Escovedo, Peter Michael Escovedo, Zina Escovedo, M. Hammer, Karl Perazzo, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Michael Cooper (of Con Funk Shun), Cliff Winston, Ray Obiedo, and D'wayne Wiggins.Interviews with Dennis Johnson, Danny "Sweetman" Thomas, Felton Pilate, Larry Dodson (of The Bar Kays), Michael Cooper, Zebulun Pauelle Harrell, Karl Fuller, Paul Mack, Peter Michael Escovedo, Cedric Martin, Rickey Vincent, Linda Lou Mc Call, Jay King, Melvin Carter, and MC Hammer.Some require a low-level suspension of disbelief at times for the sake of a story - but then, with a bit of luck and effort, only for a story well told. Yet, despite success and accolades from her sycophantic staff, she crumples in the arms of her love interest (a powerful man, no less), - demonstrating not that she's human, but that she's just a quivering little woman after all.

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