Event thread updating guestmetrics

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I have 3 Xen Server 6.0.0-50762p servers running on 3 identical Dell Power Edge R610 hardware.

Xen Server1 is the pool master with members Xen Server2 and Xen Server3. Xen Server3 would puts itself into maintenance mode about once every week which is more than annoying since users call when I'm out minding my own personal businesses.

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Can someone point me to the right place to pull some debug logs?

I am running a debian etch (from template) dom U on Xen Server 5.0.0 hotfix 3. It appeared to respond to a "Reboot" from Xen Center, but the reboot never occurred.

One time, all 3 Xen Servers went into maintenance mode on their own.

We just moved away from VMware and I had hoped that Xen Server is more stable but it hasn't been the case.

This morning, and 2 other times in the past 4 months it hung. Finally a "Force shutdown" followed by a "Start" got it working again.

The rest of the Xen Server and the dom U appear unaffected.

Lately, as I've been looking at the /var/log/messages I've been seeing a lot of this: Apr 6 xenserver-alpha xapi: [error|xenserver-alpha|345 xal_listen|Event thread updating guest metrics (domid: 87) D:7cfbb800692e|sql] Duplicate key in set or map: table VM; field platform; ref Opaque Ref:b6808180-fabd-07c7-d19c-df3e345e8854; key viridian I'm not sure what this error message means. You should not be concerned and no fix is necessary.

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