Faris badwan and rachel zeffira dating

They were both fairly supportive of my music career, even though in their minds it’s not a recognised profession until you’ve been going for a long time.

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That clip became the lyric video for “Chameleon Queen,” the first single from .

Stepping back from the reverb of their previous release, the two crafted a lush series of tracks, Badwan and Zeffira trading off vocal duties against orchestral scores (composed by Zeffira, calling on her training as a classical composer), handclaps, and spiky piano and guitar lines.

The most you can find out about us is through our records. After all, if being in The Horrors, a band that has inspired fans from as far away as Japan to make pilgrimages to his stomping grounds, has taught him anything, it’s that he shouldn’t take his own mystique too seriously. “I don’t think it really matters,” he notes, picking up a pineapple-shaped shaker and rattling it at Zeffira.

“I really enjoy reading the really weird stuff like [conspiracy theorist] David Icke where he’s going on about the royal family being lizards.

But Badwan, who hails from England, confesses that the journey had its share of cartoonish and apocalyptic moments as well. While they were there, they stole the fruit from people’s trees.

“There were all these forest fires around town,” The Horrors’ frontman declares, wide-eyed wonder implied in his voice. A surface area bigger than the size of London got burned. It was kind of funny.” The pair captured video of the small-town setting late one night, driving through streets so deserted Badwan was able to jump out of the car and stand in the middle of intersections.Guitar: Eight months ago I was looking for a new guitar.I found this guy online called Tony, from Huddersfield, who told me he’d had this guitar for about 40 years, but was selling it because he had two of them., which Badwan told NME last summer signalled a change in sonic direction. The band were most recently reported to be working on new material with producer Paul Epworth. It hasn’t turned into some weird opera thing, but we definitely found a good place.” Away from Cat’s Eyes, Badwan was last active with The Horrors in 2014 with ‘Luminous‘.Most of my time is spent either painting or making music, and it may not always be as productive as I’d like. Her approach to music is different because she’s both self-taught and classically trained in a number of things, and has a natural ear for understanding music.

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