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Secure your passport and valuables in a safe place. Express kidnappings, where tourists are held for ransom, often in a car, and robbed or forced to use their bank cards to withdraw cash, are committed by organized gangs and occur throughout the country, but most frequently in major cities, such as La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, and when travelling between them.The Copacabana–Desaguadero route should be avoided after 2 p.m.Most of the next six weeks we will out of internet range.

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Dress down, avoid wearing jewellery and carrying large sums of money, and keep cellphones, cameras and other electronic equipment out of sight.

Never leave your belongings, such as bags and backpacks, unattended.

Withdraw or exchange money at automated banking machines (ABMs) during daylight hours only or inside reputable financial institutions and hotels.

There is a high level of crime on buses, in taxis and at transportation hubs.

In the Chapare area between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba and in Los Yungas region, northeast of La Paz, violence (such as carjackings) and civil unrest, mainly associated with drug trafficking, may cause risks to travellers.

In the departments of Santa Cruz, Pando and Beni, police presence has intensified due to the increase in drug-related crimes.

Additionally, over the past few weeks he has been trying to convince me that his colourful east LA “spanglish” is going to work like a dream once we are out in the boonies of Bolivia.

Having heard a few samples I’m not so sure, but really I’m just hoping we can stay out of trouble and avoid a Butch, Sundance and Che-type ending 😉 !

The “police officer” takes the traveller to a bogus police station set up by scam artists and seizes documents, debit cards and credit cards.

Under Bolivian law, you are not obliged to follow a police officer unless he or she has a formal written request from a judge with your name on it, and any search or seizure must occur at a bona fide police station in the presence of the prosecutor.

This is the moment a mischievous police dog caused chaos by invading a football pitch during a televised match to bite the ball.

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