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Version 29.4 (build 7 or 8) is the latest version available for download.

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This should help reduce the error rate of completed tests as more users update to the latest version.

Other improvements include fast, multi-threaded trial factoring for multi-core CPUs, plus AVX512 support for trial factoring.

To prove there were no errors in the prime discovery process, the prime was independently verified using both different programs and different hardware.

Andreas Hoglund and David Stanfill each verified the prime using the CUDALucas software running on NVidia Titan GPUs.

— Nearly 9 years ago in June 2009, M(42643801) was discovered, and now GIMPS has finished verification testing on every smaller Mersenne number.

With no smaller primes found, M(42643801) is officially the 46th Mersenne prime.An error checking method called Gerbicz (named for Robert Gerbicz who proposed the method) can help ensure an error-free PRP test and may eventually be a way to eliminate the need for double-checks.Additionally, Jacobi error checks have been added to LL tests to help identify errors and can roll back a test to the "last known good" save file if an error was detected.Only by doing a double-check with matching results are we able to say for sure that a Mersenne number is composite.Until all numbers below a Mersenne prime have been verified, we don't know for sure if it's the 46th known Mersenne prime or if there might be a smaller one that we missed due to a machine error, so we at GIMPS celebrate these important verification milestones. The prime number is calculated by multiplying together 77,232,917 twos, and then subtracting one.To recognize all those that contributed to this discovery, official credit goes to Cooper, Woltman, Kurowski, Blosser, et al.

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