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"Basically, though, I'm happy where I live," Broughton says. I also fly regularly, and Heathrow is only 20 minutes away.

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"As a single parent, I wanted to buy a property, and I couldn't afford Brookwood.

Prices in Addlestone were much more reasonable than elsewhere in Surrey.

Townends is selling a one-bedroom retirement flat in Crockford Park for £149,950.

Gascoigne-Pees is selling a modern one-bedroom flat for £154,950 and a two-bedroom flat for £169,950, both with gardens. Bridge House is a luxury block of flats on the Thames.

The duo collected up the Bances’ expensive gear and put it on display for the couple in a pop-up shop.

Flo looked shocked when Steph revealed the way she paid off her store and credit cards – only submitting the minimum balance each month – was costing her £1,400 a year.

The parents clearly find it hard to resist caving into their children’s demands, with Tia admitting they buy her and her siblings a new toy every week.

The Shop Well for Less presenters Alex Jones and Steph Mc Govern counted nine laptops and tablets in their home, which totted up to around £7,000 alone.

Located in a part of Surrey that is rustic but also convenient for Heathrow, Gatwick, the M3 and the M25, Addlestone is an affordable alternative to its posh neighbours Weybridge and St George's Hill."Property prices in Addlestone are about 15 per cent less than Weybridge, so it attracts first-time buyers and singles.

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