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I live in London so its not like I don't get to meet loads of guys from different places but something struck me about him. Got to be realistic though - its not exactly going to be easy... You have to bear in mind that white can mean all different things - do you mean English, or American or German or French or ...

Just because we're white it doesn't mean we all have the same tendancies/temperaments etc.

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Have a good friend of mine got married to a spanish girl, they even sent me an invitation to their wedding in spain which I did not attend due to hectic sched and could not afford a ticket.

They just met online and up to now are happily married.

I even registered myself to this forum just for this.

Anyway, I too have been looking for a people having similar experience to mine.

We learned to compromise our ways and learned to fuse them together in a way that we can both agree. Bottom line is; skin color doesn't really make much difference in a relationship.

In my opinion it's each other's culture which affects the most, though like me and my wife, If you really love each other theres no boundaries on what you can do to keep it..

Oh yeah, may mga Hong Kong chinese din nagpakita interest but did not entertain them too.

Caucasian women are easier to go out on a date than pinays, sorry to say this. I regret not entertaining foreign women before, even if they are the ones approaching me because I was pig headed in thinking that pinays are the only ones I should entertain.

This question has been bugging me for the longest time.

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