Gay pacific islander dating

Use "Chinese American" or "Asian American" rather than "Chinese-American" or "Asian-American".

Hyphenation implies that a person is not a true American.

Some other acceptable terms are Asian Pacific American and Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI).

Also, avoid the term "Asiatic" as an adjective to describe Asians or Asian Americans. Do not use the term "Oriental" to describe somebody of Asian Descent.

This term is only appropriate for describing inanimate objects, such as rugs.

Consult with API LGBT leaders and organizations if you have questions about complex issues.

When dealing with an issue that is unfamiliar, community leaders and experts can offer invaluable resources that can assist you in providing the best possible coverage.

If a story is about American citizens of Japanese descent, use "Japanese American" rather than "Japanese." The same rule can be used for other ethnic groups - Chinese/Chinese Americans, Filipinos/Filipino Americans, Korean/ Korean Americans, Indian/ Indian Americans, etc.

This reduces implications that people of Asian descent are all foreign or foreign born. S., the term "people of Asian descent" can alternately be used.Conversely, images of the "Dragon Lady" imply Asians and Asian Americans cannot be trusted and are foreign enemies.Don't exoticize Asians, Asian Americans and Asian culture.The media are covering the lives, stories, and issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people more frequently, and often in a more fair, accurate, and balanced manner.Repeatedly, however, Asian Pacific Islander Community LGBT voices, perspectives, and opinions are left out of the picture.Interviews and public opinion pieces are good opportunities to be inclusive.

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