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After my father died my mum buried two brothers one after the other. Take care and if you need to chat I am always here Mickied she's more sleepy than yesterday but she definitely knew my sister and I were there beside her, because she opened her eyes and nodded when we spoke, even though she couldn't speak herself.I read to her for a little bit too, while she was sleeping.

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They did a biopsy and found it was cancerous, so she went into hospital to have an operation to remove it on my birthday, the 18th of February. She has my dad and my auntie, but she never forgot her other babies. My childhood was happy, fun and safe, and she taught me so much. She's the reason I left my job in retail to pursue my dream to be a journalist, and she was so proud of me when I got a job at the local paper.

By then it had spread to her lymph glands as well, so they had to remove them too. First her twins when they were just a day old, and then her youngest daughter at the age of 21, back in 1990. My only comfort, I guess, is that she will be with then again when she passes away. She always wanted to read every single one of my articles! She had breast cancer about 10 years ago, but they caught it very early, removed the tumour and she was fine. My sister and I went shopping last weekend for a scrap book, and lots of bits to put in it.

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She lived with us since I was a baby and she looked on me as another daughter.

When it came close to her end of life I was sitting beside her on her bed holding her hand too when she passed away.

She's never going to be able to hug me again and say 'god bless' when she says goodbye after I visit her. And that's why I don't think I found it as hard or scary as I thought I would to sit by her bed and hold her hand yesterday. I don't think anyone can ever be truly gone, because they live on in our hearts.

I'm writing this with tears streaming down my face. I know what you mean when you say we think our parents and grandparents will always be around. In an ideal world, no one would die from awful diseases, instead just passing away peacefully in their sleep after a full, healthy and long life. I'm going to see her this afternoon, and i have a feeling it will be the last time I see her.

The Iain Rennie nurses said they've never seen such an aggressive skin cancer. I know that's not how it works, but I still feel angry. She's never going to make her famous lemon drizzle cake again. Thinking about you and remember your grandma will give you strength to cope with what lies ahead. I'm thankful I had 23 years with my grandma, and they were happy, joyous and fun-filled years.

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