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I've almost had run ins with Greek 'chickas' in Melbourne because if they see a 'stranger' with a guy and they happen to be regular patrons of a club, they all get freaked out and compete.

These are very simple qualities, do Greek girls seek the same?

I'd rather be a clean kologria than a pretty looking CHEAP SLUT.

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The reality is, even though I like the city and all that, no offence but you Melbourne Greek chicks are intimidating and I don't mean that in terms of looks or anything but the majority - if they're over the age of 25 (ti 30?

Even if this singles event cost $20 entry, I'd definitely go !!!!

Wouldnt it be nice if there was a venue where there's a guarantee that ALL patrons are of Greek background ??

(daytime or evening) that are well lit, not too smokey, not too loud: where a decent Greek girl can actually have the pleasure of being approached by a decent, educated, non-sleazy, moral values, Greek guy 35 years old ??

Dear Chat2005, Just joined this site out of curiosity and saw this thread, very interesting indeed.

Please dont badger Greek guys, their not all the same, and you will find now that more & more Greek guys are marrying females of other races, religion etc.

Sadly, older girls 30 eventually gave up going to these places; left with nowhere else to go.

No effort to help with regard to providing a regular venue for older single greeks; or any type of opportunity for finding a potential mate.

These were initially planned for the older Greeks (eg.

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