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According to standards used in the UK, a general classroom for 30 students needs to be 55 m², or more generously 62 m².

A general art room for 30 students needs to be 83 m², but 104 m² for 3D textile work.

Secondary schools typically follow on from primary schools and lead into vocational and tertiary education.

The UK government published this downwardly revised space formula in 2014.

It said the floor area should be 1050m² ( 350m² if there is a sixth form) 6.3m²/pupil place for 11- to 16-year-olds 7m²/pupil place for post-16s.

The organisations, buildings, and terminology are more or less unique in each country.

Programmes providing learning experiences that build on secondary education and prepare for labour market entry or tertiary education.

The building providing the education has to fulfil the needs of: The students, the teachers, the non-teaching support staff, the administrators and the community.

It has to meet general government building guidelines, health requirements, minimal functional requirements for classrooms, toilets and showers, electricity and services, preparation and storage of textbooks and basic teaching aids.

Government accountants having read the advice then publish minimum guidelines on schools.

These enable environmental modelling and establishing building costs.

The content is broader than secondary but not as complex as tertiary education.

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