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It was known as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, the site of coronations, a place of assembly for the enacting and reading of laws, and for religious festivals.

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'Being confident and asking the man out on the first date, going in for the first kiss, or paying for something first can actually be quite refreshing for the man and liberating for the woman.

'This doesn't mean the woman does all the chasing, but women shouldn't expect men to always make the first move with everything.' 'Being confident and asking the man out on the first date, going in for the first kiss, or paying for something first can actually be quite refreshing for the man and liberating for the woman,' Louanne said 'I always wonder why it's the men who are labelled "commitaphobics" if they haven't been married before a certain age more so than the women,' Louanne said.

'Women have lists - and if a women just so happens to be dating a man who is older than her, there will be many reasons (or qualities on her list) as to why she is dating him.

'Sure, financial security may be one of them, but it's certainly not the only reason. ' Louanne stresses this is absolutely not the case.

Here, Louanne speaks to FEMAIL and both identifies and alleviates the top 10 dating myths in a bid to help people find dating success in 2018.'When we stereotype, we are not considering this person as relationship material because of the certain stereotype you align with the individual, therefore ruling out another possib Ility,' Louanne explained. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's actually quite self explanatory; the hotter you are, the crazier you are (apparently). The latter also only applies to the eye of the beholder.

'If you find someone really hot, but your friend doesn't find them hot, how would this so-called Matrix work? 'The common trait we refer to as "crazy" in the dating world is more associated with having unrealistic expectations and a lack of control over your emotions - which I can assure you, is not limited to only "hot girls".There will always be challenges and obstacles in the way until the right person comes along no matter how beautiful you are! Men are not intimidated by a woman's success, in actual fact, most men find it a turn-on!''A lot of women have the perception or stereotype the "I'm powerful and successful with a great career are men are intimidated by me",' Louanne said. 'What women get confused about is it's not the success of their careers, it's more about bringing femininity into the relationship.Emotional attention seekers come in all shapes and sizes, both male and female! 'Just because you have had an infidelity in the past, doesn't mean you are constantly going to return to the scene of the crime,' she said.'In addition, if you judge others on their indiscretions and rule them out as a potential partner due to their past mistakes, you yourself are getting stuck in the past.'Just because someone has cheated once, there is no actual evidence to prove they will do it again or do it to you.'Louanne has heard this time and time again and is somewhat concerned that it is still believed today. 'However, being aloof and playing hard to get (slightly) can be attractive for the females, especially when they're determining the Alpha-dominance.'However, treating someone mean to keep them attracted to you is not going to last long or help you keep the girl.'Women don't say to themselves "I'm just going to go and find an a***hole today, because I just love not being treated right! 'If you're a nice guy and you think you're always coming last, this actually has nothing to do with the way you treat women and the fact you're kind, considerate and thoughtful.

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