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This year the ship will sail from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to St. Maarten, and Grand Turk October 28 through November 4.

Like many cruises, it will feature snorkeling and suntanning, but this cruise is also packed with guest speakers, from scientists to entertainers, talking about HIV.

Dating is tough in general, but being HIV-positive while seeking a mate presents a whole host of unique questions and issues. Yes, there are many HIV-specific dating sites, including HIVDating,, and Positive, which has over 15,000 members'all of whom are positive for either HIV or another condition they specify (for instance, HPV or herpes).

All of these retreats and cruises offer something hard to find at home: a community of HIV-positive people relaxing, having fun, and not having to hide their HIV status in any way. Serodiscordant simply means one of you has HIV and one of you doesn't.

There's very little research on how successfully serodiscordant, or mixed, couples cope with the complications of HIV.

Also keep in mind, condom use is also important in preventing the transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases.' Reinfection with HIV makes treatment more difficult, and you could end up with a skyrocketing viral load in no time. If it breaks after ejaculation, pull it out slowly and carefully, then go take a nice soapy shower or bath.

But do not douche or perform an enema'both set the stage for infection.

For many folks, like Greater Than AIDS ambassador Marvelyn Brown, having that conversation is easier over the phone early in the relationship.

That way you haven't invested too much energy in the relationship when you find out whether having HIV makes you a no-go for your potential partner. If we're both HIV-positive, do we still need to use condoms? This is among the most common questions, says Mark Cichocki, a HIV/AIDS nurse educator at the University of Michigan's HIV/AIDS Treatment Program and the author of Living with HIV: A Patient's Guide.Couples might also want to see a couples counselor who specializes in coping with HIV.Many HIV-positive people fear spreading the disease to their partners, making sex fraught with tension.This transfer of one HIV strain to another HIV-infected person is called reinfection.For instance, if person 'A' has an HIV type that has been responsive to therapy and person 'B' has an HIV type that hasn't, passing that type of HIV from 'B' to 'A' will make it harder to treat person 'A,' possibly making therapy ineffective in person 'A' as well. If it breaks before ejaculation, pull out and put a new condom on.'Sexual contact between two HIV-infected people most certainly requires a condom,' Cichocki wrote on

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