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So, without wasting much time, I will directly come to the story. After about 10min of passionate kissing, we parted our lips to get some air. I even started pressing harder while she let out a slight hissing sound. And started licking her face, eyes, lips, nose all over her face. Then slid the saree’s pallu from her shoulder and saw the two big melons for me to taste.

With on hand, I spread her ass cheeks and the other pinched and squeezed her belly. I then put my hand on her hip and squeezed her belly and pulled the knot in her petticoat. And I saw my mom’s beautiful big things on top of it. I could see her pussy hair popping out her panties. While walking, I slowly bring my face to her armpit and smelled it. I started to lick her hairy armpit as she jiggled and pressed her belly and ass as well. Soon, I removed all my clothes and stood nude with my hard and thick cock.

Maybe it was the neverending despair of a ten-year marriage that had produced one child and exactly zero orgasms. it was my own sex arousing me, and I could tell it was affecting him too.

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I thought it was odd that she had a naked man in our hot tub but I didn’t say anything.

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I started creased her body from ass to hip and back. Both were heavy breathing and I can see my saliva dripping from her mouth. Soon, I put my both palm on her boobs and gently pressed above her blouse. I started squeezing her boobs harder and she moaned loudly in the pain. The white bra couldn’t hold her two big melons since it peeped outside in the corners.

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Then, I kissed the other boobs while she shivered as I started sucking her boobs harder. I then pressed her big things and put my fingers into her panty and slid down. I forcefully opened her legs and moved closer to the pussy. The mixed aroma of her love juice and her urine made me crazy.

I continued to do this for her other boobs as well. I saw my moms’ hairy holy place where she spread for my father to breed me.

Women in particular have long been huge devourers of the written word for many centuries with many female authors hiding their true identities with male pen names.

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