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It was a story that received its share of criticism at the time, in part because her children appeared in the photographs that accompany the essay.

On the anniversary of its first publication, Jennifer Skolnik—who is now Jennifer Rogers—revisited her younger self.

Those were not easy questions at all, and are not yet. *** Am just back from sloshing through the rain looking for a job.

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I can hardly count at this point how many places I’ve been or people I’ve seen about jobs.

I’m supposed to be very up and bright throughout this, naturally, convincing possible employers that not only am I friendly, trustworthy, loyal, etc., but also that I am just the answer to their problems.

She is fresh from the suburbs and a worn-out marriage.

She is 31 and has her share of guilts, ambitions, memories, regrets, confusions, and experience teaching elementary school.

There was a time, many years back, when she dreamed of coming here, but she was sidetracked then by a boy out of Harvard whom she loved, by dreams, and by his babies.

Now, so much later, New York suddenly seems possible again.

I have to report that even though I was thinking bitchy things like why am I Wasting baby-sitting money on watching daytime television, I was really sort of losing myself in That is why I was caught off guard when the man I had been waiting to see whisked in — gorgeous — and invited me to talk with him as we rode downtown in the back seat of a car to a speech he had to make.

Strange experience — mother of four, liberated feminist, Dijon mustard goes for 89 cents, and it is like this blind date we are on back there in the back seat.

What I really want to do is write the words which come out of Roger Grimsby’s mouth on the ABC .

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