radioactive dating for kids - I am dating my husband

We hope you find encouragement here as we share our story of God’s faithfulness. You’re young and you are about to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life.I’m so thankful that we’re not alone in wanting to be intentional, and prioritizing our marriage, even when obstacles and challenges arise.

I wanted to get Brad’s perspective as well on this topic, so we are tackling this post together.

His responses are in We’re setting the stage daily for what “family” looks like, and what they see you making a priority is what they are likely to expect in their own marriages.

I am dating another Soldier who is also been separated from his wife since the summer. You would certainly have a defense to such a charge.

We started dating after we separated from our spouses but we are both still legally married in the process of divorce. I would have recommended to a commander to not go forward with such a charge, but I can not say definitively that there is no charge.

Just because you committed to being together “in good times and in bad” doesn’t mean you should not do what you can to make as many good times as possible.

Every marriage has those hurtful ruts that we get stuck in.

I’ve heard some couples say that they don’t date because they don’t want to spend the money.

I get that, we have had some very tight budgets ourselves these past few years.

At the time you thought love was how he made you feel.

You questioned love the moment the butterflies didn’t flutter as rapidly as you thought they should.

You’ve lost countless hours of sleep just clinging to his presence and not wanting to waste a moment with him. Is that enough to sustain a marriage that will survive moves across state lines, financial stress, young children, loss, and much more that we have yet to experience?

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