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Passengers can however pay the carriage conductor on board the train for the use their bed linen.Fares on international services to/from: The fare is paid in roubles on the site at the official exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day you book your e-ticket.Passengers receive information about the owner of the carriage when they select their carriage.

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The passenger's personal data must comply with the data specified in her identity document.

If your personal data in the document are in two versions (Russian and the Latin alphabet), when filling in orders information must be entered in Russian when travelling on domestic Russian routes and services to/from CIS countries, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Abkhazia.

and the Sakhalin Passenger Company OJSC, the e-ticket fare includes a charge for the use of a set of bed linen.

When placing an order for travel in second-class carriages owned by the Federal Passenger Company, passengers may find it more convenient to pay for the use of the bed linen when paying for their ticket.

When placing an order for a VIP carriage (with the "soft" category service class of "1A", "1M" or "1H"), the ticket issued includes payment for the whole compartment, in which one or two passengers can travel.

If two passengers travel in one compartment, the personal details of each passenger must be specified on the ticket.

To travel on the train: If you have completed electronic registration for domestic and international train routes (non-CIS countries), you can board your carriage by showing the carriage's conductor your e-ticket (boarding pass), either as a print out on A4 paper or on your mobile device's display and the passenger identity document shown on the electronic ticket If you have completed electronic registration for train services between Russia and Latvia, between Russia and Belarus and between Russia and Ukraine, you can board your carriage by showing the carriage's conductor the passenger identity document given when you purchased the electronic ticket. Schemes of international carriages (for Europe routes, except Finland) 6. In order to avoid misunderstandings and arriving late for trains, it is recommended that when placing orders for journeys involving changes, passengers should select an interval of not less than 3 hours between train arrival and departure times.

It is recommended that on boarding the train, you have with you a print out of your e-ticket (boarding pass). Placing orders and obtaining tickets cannot be done when the Express system is down for technological reasons between and Moscow time. E-ticket particulars Seats and berths in different types of carriages must be booked on different orders, including an indication of male and female places in compartment and sleeper carriages (if applicable to that carriage).

On our portal you can reserve free railway ticket, tickets for additional trains heading to host cities of the World Cup.

For Your convenience, created an 728 additional trains.

It will take you 10 minutes to make the order payment and enter your credit card details.

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