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Unlucky-in-love Simon Cooper went out with adventurous girl Tara Brown in the third series after she invited him to a gig.

They were joined by Jay (James Buckley), Will (Simon Bird) and Neil (Blake Harrison).

Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas is reportedly dating his on-screen girlfriend, Hannah Tointon, off the show as well as on it.

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Some imply they see lots of girls and never see them again after one night, but I don’t know if that’s actually true." The Sun Online has contacted Hannah and Joe's reps for comment.

I have two best friends actually and they are called Jonny Sweet and Simon Bird. And it’s really scary because I don’t think I would ever do it now, in the same situation. I normally hate that sort of Candid Camera thing, but they make it work. If I was at school and was a wizard, I would be pretty happy. anyone who was on the front row of the fashion show when we filmed that infamous scene for The Inbetweeners! Almost every other person I encounter, to be honest.

However, last week, after getting a bit hysterical in the bedroom, Simon was dumped by Tara.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to have happened off-screen though, with the pair allegedly involved in a blossoming romance.

Joe, 33, and Hannah, 29, met on the show and began living together in London in 2012.

He previously told to Cosmopolitan: "I’ve tended to have quite serious, long-term monogamous relationships.

Joe, 33, who also starred in Fresh Meat alongside Jack Whitehall, allegedly asked Hannah, 29, who has gone on to star in Hollyoaks and Mr Selfridge, to be his wife, but neither have them have confirmed the rumour just yet.

The couple have been private about their relationship, but Joe did tell us in a past interview that he is more of a 'relationship' kind of guy:"I've tended to have quite serious, long-term monogamous relationships."Well, obviously they've been monogamous – I'm such a romantic I'd only ever have sex with one girlfriend at a time…"I've never had the cojones to be a player, and I don't know any men who do.

The couple, who played Simon and Tara in the Channel 4 comedy TV series, are engaged according to Uni Lad.

Neither have yet officially confirmed whether it is true, but their relationship certainly appears to be stronger than their characters' doomed one in The Inbetweeners.

Previously Joe, who’s also starred in Fresh Meat, told Cosmopolitan of the relationship: ‘I always try to impress my girlfriend Hannah by any means I can and I’m very protective about her. I’ve tended to have some serious, long-time monogamous relationships.’ Seems Joe is a lot more successful than Simon ever was with the ladies.

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