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In conception and execution, the events of ‘s premiere are extraordinarily tame; as no matter how much of a hurry our protagonist Shiina Kokomi is depicted as being in throughout the episode, a day in the life of a high-school student would most likely be more exciting even if we departed the wonderful realm of fiction and went into the real world (to technically illegally stalk an under-aged child).Though, the manner in which Kokomi bumps into three-to-five other characters at every turn certainly paints the scenario of a dating-sim game well, and in a sense, the realistic feel of an actual school environment too; so I feel there are some working points that the show could potentially build upon, albeit very minor.

With the school-day having begun, Kokomi rushes to and from various locales on campus to find Chloe during her breaks between classes; she encounters many of her female classmates while gathering clues about Chloe’s whereabouts, including the school council president, the flower-arrangement club president, a member of the library committee, and more.

As the sun is beginning to set, a fatigued Kokomi finds a bench to rest and finally eat her boxed-lunch at.

What comes from now on may be a lacking in depth; but if the show continues to ride its title hard enough (no signs of a male character making an appearance yet), it’ll at least be rid a handful of generic tropes revolving around a boy’s harem.

The opening sequence’s featurette of four female characters in particular certainly seems to suggest there at least being an eventual hint of focus in the show’s narrative; but at the same time, if our most central characters leave a lot to be desired in their individual personalities and their interpersonal relationships, it begs the question of why even bother including twenty-five more if they’re going to be no more substantial.

There are also five manga adaptations based on the game, and a Play Station Vita spin-off game was released in November 2015.

Shiina Kokomi is a hard working but even tempered high school girl who is the lead performer in her school's rhythmic gymnastics club.The story follows her and her growing circle of friends as they support each other through the various trials and situations that comprise high school life.Director(s): Hayashi Naotaka (林 直孝) Producer(s): Maru Ryoji (丸 亮二) Series Composition: Yokote Michiko (横手 美智子) Character Design: Tsutsumiya Noriko (堤谷 典子) Music: Kawai Kenji (川井 憲次) Background Information: .Kinoko's appearance was interesting because it felt like she was more of a cameo (she appeared in the library as well way in the back) but she ends up joining the girls later on in the episode.Akane and Shiranui finding some kittens and decides to find owners for them.Review: With some cute-ass original artwork, a cast of more than one-hundred in-game girls to swoon over, and a five-million (plus) user fan-base, it’s really no surprise that green-lit an anime adaptation to cater its fans even more, but it’ll take much, much more than what’s shown in the show’s premiere to qualify this adaptation as anything beyond just that: pure promotion and pandering.

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