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The following is a summary of all account activity.(Example of a summary) (Date) Total Public Money Account Balances $ (Detail by Agency) (Date) Deposits Processed Subsequent to Closing $ (Date) Total Ending Balance $ _________________________________________________________ (Date) Settlement paid by (Receiver) $ (Date) Balance Outstanding $ _________________________________________________________ Par Value of Pledged Collateral $ (Any additional information pertinent to the final settlement of the Government's Claim.) Contingent upon receipt of a letter of indemnification from the (Receiver), there is no longer a requirement for collateral to be pledged to secure the accounts detailed above.

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Letter of Indemnification—A letter signed by the receiver and furnished to Treasury to secure future or unforeseen claims due the Federal Government by the failed depositary (see sample letter in Appendix 1).

Obligor—A debtor, such as a person, firm, corporation, or government entity obligated by contract or other legal requirement to perform such actions as payment of notes or bonds.

The point of contact for this matter can be reached at (phone number).

Department of the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service Bank Policy and Oversight Division 3201 Pennsy Drive, Building E Landover, MD 20785 Subject: (Bank Name) (City, State, Zip) (ABA Number) Dear (Addressee): This letter is to certify that the balances in all known public money as well as all other money due to Treasury from (Bank Name), which was closed by the (Receiver) on (Date), have been credited in full to Treasury's account.

17-24 ; Regulation 4.33, Regulation 4.7(c)(2); Exemption Exemptive Relief from the Main Business Office Requirement in Commission Regulations 4.33 and 4.7(c)(2) to allow commodity trading advisors (CTAs) to use Third-party Recordkeepers.

17-35 ; CFTC Regulations 39.11, 39.12, 39.13, 39.15, 39.19, and 39.21; Exemption Exemption from specified Part 39 regulations applicable to derivatives clearing organizations due to Ledger X’s fully-collateralized clearing model.

Instead, the operator will provide the information required to be contained in a quarterly account statement on a monthly basis, and within 45 days after the end of each month.

Note that this only applies to financial institutions that: • Are designated as a depositary and financial agent of the U. Government; • Participate in a Treasury investment program; or • Hold deposits of funds in trust pursuant to any other statute or regulation. CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) Number—A unique nine-character alphanumeric code often used with the standard security description to identify a specific securities issue.

Custodian—A neutral third party authorized to hold collateral.

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