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Supposedly Crystal’s parents and grandparents were also there as they were seen driving out the next morning, so this wasn’t a bootie call as much as a meet the elders respectful situation.

Looks like things are getting serious, though marriage might not be right around the corner as Crystal is an 87’er and just 27 years old, with an 11 year age difference with Song Seung Heon on top of the language and cultural barriers.

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In June 2002, Yifei comes back to China to seek after an acting career, She received her stage name Yifei.

In September 2002, more than 100,000 who connected for access to Beijing Film Academy, Yifei was one of the 500 who was acknowledged.

Liu Yifei currently has an affair with a South Korean actor, Song Seung-Heon.

They started dating in 2015 and has been together for about a year, they meet during the shooting of the movie The Third Way of Love and started dating.

At fourteen years old and a half, she was the most youthful understudy the school has ever had .

moved on from the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy in July 2006.

She is not married yet, she might be thinking about marriage in upcoming years.

and her boyfriend Song are often spotted attending several movie awards and fashion events.

I adore both of them, him for being a sentimental favorite of mine since his early days, and her for actually improving as an actress the last few years despite the early years masquerading as a mannequin onscreen.

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