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Alpha also introduced them Rangers' superweapons called Dinozords for dealing greater threat such as kaiju-sized monsters.Zack tried to ride his Zord, Mastodon Zord, in spite of those superweapons can only properly controlled of their pilots don their Ranger Armor.

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Trini was reluctant to tag along until others persuaded her to do so by force.

Their investigation on area where they uncovered mysterious coins brought them to a Ranger Space Ship, where they encounter Alpha 5 and Zordon whom materialized his face on the ship's wall since his consciousness uploaded to the ship's systems.

Rita then goaded her to join her and meet her in the docks.

Of course, Trini doesn't want to betrayed her friends and instead, meet her friends at Football Field and revealed Rita's current whereabouts and believes that they can take her down because she still weak.

Trini reveals that her family constantly moves from one place to another for work and unable to settle anywhere until their arrival in Angel Grove, and as of now, Angel Grove High School happens to be her third school in three years.

This made her never like to interact with others and developed LGBT issues where she questioned her sexuality, a problem she never revealed to her parents, or her parents never accepted that for, as her parents constantly tried to label her.

Thus led Zordon believes that they are yet to be ready to become then next Rangers.

After Zordon dismissed them, they had a campout to where they learn more about one another.

Only Jason who thinks they should return to the ship because Zordon pleaded Jason to lead his friends.

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