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And it follows the cherry on top-rule, you know; how nothing can fail with a cherry on top (like these cream sodas for example).

Heck, I think the first photo on pinterest must have included something with a cherry on top of it.

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I found the photographer Nadja Helminen through instagram and I absolutely love her interior styling and photography style.

Above are excerpts from the folder itself, along with her photos and a prototype of the finished product. Umm, did you see that Rosé slushee over at A Beautiful Mess?

And on top of the hotel lies Sophie’s, a roof top bar with a great view and equally nice menu.

I think this hotel is great for both a city weekend with friends or a romantic getaway with your loved one.

It is just the prettiest looking (and probably tasting) thing ever.

It’s ultimate for suppressing every last bit of autumn.

Light and dreamy photography, flowy lettering and great architectural snaps, Brisbane-based blogger and creative Jasmine Dowling captures the prettiest moments on her blog and instagram. This hotel is in other words tried, tested and extremely approved! Because if the front dosen’t do it for you, maybe the surrounding neighbourhood will: The Dean is basically boxed in between dreamy Irish brick houses with bright colored doors and windows covered in plants and blooms.

She’s got a shop with really nice prints as well, perfect gifts (for youself). The rooms are the size of small apartments with orange SMEG-refridgerators, LP-players with Marshall speakers and a selection of great tracks, a reasonable prized Munchies-selection with handmade fudges and iphone-chargers and, on top of it all: Netflix! You don’t have to go far to satisfy your instagram in other words.

Bilderna är av Nadja Helminen, jag hittade hennes bilder på instagram och blev helt förtrollad.

This is a project I’ve been working on as a art director and graphic designer this autumn.

One persons political views can change the whole collective way of thinking.

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