new cbs dating show - Lx200gps ra pec updating

This operation ensures that the magnet position has been detected, therefore allowing the electronics board to synchronize with the mechanical components of the mount.

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Each interval lasts 8 / 200 sidereal minutes, or 60 * (8 / 200) = 2.4 sidereal seconds.

For reasons that will become apparent later on, these are called Periodic Error Correction (PEC) Intervals.

To answer this question, please note that the transmission chain based on the Gear Box and the Worm / Wheel act as a compound rotating speed reduction mechanism : Therefore, the chain overall reduction is 60 x 180 = 10,800, i.e.

it takes 10,800 turns of the motor shaft to make one revolution of the RA drive (360°).

Although the difference is quite small (less than 0.3%), it must be taken into account to design and operate mounts providing acceptable tracking for CCD imaging (visual observation is less demanding in this respect).

The Right Ascension shaft is rigidly aligned with the center of a disk (Worm Wheel) having 180 teeth machined on its periphery. When the worm completes one revolution, the worm-wheel rotates the angle corresponding to one tooth.When a disk hole lays between the Led and the sensor, the latter sends an electric pulse to the telescope's electronic system (Electronic Control System).This procedure allows to measurement the angular position of the motor shaft.The motor shaft acts on the gears box, which in turn drives the worm/wheel mechanism.Furthermore, the motor turns its shaft encoder, that feeds a signal back to a comparator (called driver in the previous diagram).Note that the system is designed in order that : As may be seen, this feedback mechanism may be used to set up a target angular rate that will be automatically adapted to varying conditions.

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