Mandating water efficiency

SB 606 brings all the legislative, administrative and local work on water conservation planning together and charts the course for dramatically improving water efficiency in the 21st century.

At some homes and buildings, there’s an obnoxious echo that sounds long after the last hammer is swung.

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Watts water hammer arrestors are available in a wide range of models suited for installations with icemakers, lavatory supply tubes, washing machines and dishwashers in sizes from 3/8” to 1”.

The speed of the valve closure, especially during the last 15% of valve’s closing, is directly related to the intensity of the surge pressure.

In response, the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources developed rules, targets and enforcement mechanisms to achieve those cuts evenly across the state.

The rules, though, frustrated local governments and water agencies, which criticized the lack of flexibility on how cuts were achieved and the lack of credit given to those agencies that had already made efficiency a priority.

The destructive forces, pounding noises and vibration that can develop in a piping system when a column of liquid, flowing through a line, is abruptly stopped.

The tremendous forces generated at the stopping point can be compared to an explosion.Damage can happen all along the system, especially with copper piping, not just at the point of stoppage.The weakest points in the system, typically where fittings are soldered, often absorb the majority of the impact.Even as the drought ends this year, many questions remain about how the state and local agencies will respond to the next water shortage.Currently, there is no consistent urban water efficiency standard, and the state lacks key data on agricultural water uses as well as short- and long-term water contingency planning tools.“The problem can be especially challenging if the pipe is made of rigid copper,” she added.

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