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Is there a website or anything where I can figure out how old a Marshall amp is?

I just scored a 2205 which is a JCM 800 two channel 50 watter with 'verb.

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I was about to buy a JCM 2000 DSL 50 watter but I decided to have lunch first so I went to Wendys.

Well, on the way back to Scam Cash I decided to stop in Banjo Sinner for a quick look around and there it was. I played, I pulled out the cash for a deposit and I'm bringing it home tomorrow night. I checked there's nothing there to figure that out. I've got some other cool stuff here like a VHT Pitbull, Vox, Sound City 120 (might be for sale BTW) Boogie etc. Almost three years ago I let a single channel 800 slip through my fingers because it was a 100 watt and I wanted a 50.

Also - a golden eared guitar chum who has been through all the Line6 stuff reckons that the Distortion Modeler is actually worth having.. I dunno if I can be f***ked to collect all the distortion pedals ever made.. rollz I don't know about that Line 6 distortion thing. i know a place where you can get Orange OD120 heads for $850 including air freight. but they are labelled [BLUE, GREEN, RED, BLACK, POTLEAF] i would dig a blue and a black one. Jules, I tried the Line 6 distortion modeler and was pretty disappointed. I'm a big fan of the delay and modulation modelers though.

I'd want to try one first because I'm not a huge fan of their amps or the POD and I can't imagine the distortion modeler being THAT much different. but those Matamp [vintage] amps look WICKED as hell. they are black tolex, white plate, black lettering. The Tech21 Sans Amp Classic is infinitely more useful IMO.

Now I need a Power Break or something because when it's wide open it'll knock you through the back wall. Maybe Jules can pipe in because he was there with me but there was soooo much music gear there it was nothing short of amazing.

If you really want to know I could always ask them.

I have 6L6's in my Dual Rectifier and Carvin X100B if I want that kind of sound.

Even though I've had this amp for a few days so far I've had the bass just about all the way up and the treble and presence usually aren't higher then 4 or 5. On Michael Wageners recomendation for a good 'all round' rock workhorse recording set up - I bought an Engle Savage 120 Special Edition.

Total cheese whiz angry bee sound, from the guy that played Funk #49 which is a great tone. ) which sounds great running into the front end of an amp.

There's a difference between a guitar tone and a guitar sound. I also have the Comportion and XXL pedals which are like a regular stompbox. A real sleeper pedal is the DOD fuzz that they made a few years ago.

Marshall 1987 (50w non-master) through 4x12 with G12H-30's= instant 70's rock sound.

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