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Our fame grew in Crystal Castles but he didn’t feel he was getting the recognition he thought he deserved. He held me over a staircase and threatened to throw me down it.

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I met “Ethan Kath” (Claudio Palmieri) when I was in the 10th grade.

The first time he took advantage of me was when I was around 15. I came to in the back of his car extremely intoxicated (from drinks he had given me that night). He went to great lengths to find me again, stalking me and driving past my high school looking for me.

I perceived him as a local rock star because I had seen his band, Kill Cheerleader, on TV.

A lot of my friends from the punk scene had also been taken advantage of by much older men, so to me, it was a situation that had been normalized. He figured out my insecurities and exploited them: he used the things he learned about me against me.

As we started to gain attention, he began abusively and systematically targeting my insecurities and controlling my behavior: my eating habits, who I could talk to, where I could go, what I could say in public, what I was allowed to wear.

He kept me from doing interviews or photoshoots unless he was in control of the situation.

When I was 16 or 17 he gave me a CD of songs and asked me to write and sing over them.

I took the songs home and wrote lyrics and melodies and we recorded the tracks I liked.

Season 5, Episode 17/18: Schmidt and Cece Worry About How They’ll Be As Spouses “Who did that to you? I will kill them.” — Cece Schmidt’s worried he’s not strong enough for Cece; Cece worries she’s not going to be enough of a homemaker.

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