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I dint make anything like this for Rajkumar Sushim. The man asks for some time to figure out where this special diamond has come from.

When she came to India, she changed her surname to that of her father’s Kaif, because it was Indian by name She started modeling unintentionally when she was in Hawaii at the early age of 14, when she was approached for a jewelry campaign. Continuing to model was the reason she got her break in a Bollywood movie Boom (2003) in which she disclosed her hot and sexy body .

Presented by none other than film-maker Kaizad Gustad.

Katrina Kaif is one of her eight siblings, 7 sisters and 1 brother, her mother is a Caucasian and British Nationality holder, and a father who was from Kashmir in India, but after some time he acquired British nationality.

Her mother is now re-settled in Chennai, south India. From Hong Kong, her family went to China, Japan, France and also moved to Switzerland, Krakow, Berlin, Belgium, and many more european nations where she and her family were there for a few months each.

If that door breaks then everything will be finished. The new Prantpal (Viceroy) of Takshshila is coming. Siamak thinks Ashoka built his Guru’s dream of united India from here only. I dint receive any such message from Magadh’s Samrat.

Ashoka says if this is true then Siamak too would have reached his destination. That is the only way for foreign army to enter inside our land. Lasendra blinds her vision with the help of a small mirror. Siamak announces that those wholw ill bend down before him will get ot live. One soldier says a 14 year old kid taught us how to fight with injustice and brought justice here. The commander informs them that their King and army will be here soon. Now Ashoka will have to come here to fight with Unan King. Siamak too speaks of taking revenge for his late parents and for his Dadi. They also put the their flag in place of Magadh’s flag. By the time you will receive this message, Takshshila will be under me, run by me under my rules. I can understand he can go to any extent to get throne. What’s the point of keeping the promise when Ma is no more? Unan soldiers kill and abuse citizens of Takshshila. Ashoka recalls the truth told by Rajmata and recalls his promise to his mother. Initially all filmmakers were hesitant because she could not speak Hindi… Katrina Kaif drink Alcohol only for a party or at some special occasions.

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