Mylife com dating site

Although this isn’t really a dating site, you can search for people you have dated in the past to try and rekindle a lost romance.Or maybe you can find someone that has the same likes and dislikes as you and start up a conversation.My is essentially a ‘people’ search engine and social network aimed at helping people search, find, and keep in touch with their friends, relatives, classmates etc.

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My Life (or My is an American information brokerage founded by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002 as

In addition to that name, it previously conducted business as

However, to get the specific names and details of those that are searching for you – or the details of the people you are searching for – you must become a paid member of the site.

Non-paying members will only be able to see the person’s age and the city where they live.

All that is required is that they input the first name, last name and age of the person they are looking for into the search engine.

You can use the features of My to search for email addresses or profiles from over 50 million users.

In 2008, was involved in a class-action lawsuit for sending spam emails to people claiming there was "someone looking for them" and then charging a fee to view the information, only to discover there was nobody searching for them; a subsequent 2011 lawsuit against My Life stated that the company was engaging in the same practices and was simply a rebranded The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed when agreed to pay a more than .5 million settlement.

The Washington State Attorney General's Office also began an investigation in 2011 stemming from concerns that the company's TV advertisements may have violated the state's Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive practice.

You are not only able to seek out family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues on My, you also get to see whether or not the aforementioned are members of other social networking sites such as My Space, Linked In and Facebook, plus 50 more websites.

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