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In April 2003, Dorian Lord returned with plans to strike it rich.

She married Mitch Laurence, claiming she "loved him".

On the day he was to remarry Blair, Todd was kidnapped by the crazed Margaret Cochran, who in a homage to Misery, tied him up for weeks in a secluded cabin while he recovered from his injuries.

She then drugged him and forced him to have sex in order to impregnate herself, a throwback to his history of rape.

In spite of much fear that viewers would never accept any other actor as Todd, the talented St.

John became popular and Todd, for the first time in a decade, had love scenes as well as a semi-functional relationship with Blair.

Brooding actor Michael Easton (who had a following as Stephen Clay/Caleb Morley, a singing vampire, on Port Charles) was hired as Michael's cop brother, John Mc Bain.

John had affair with Llanview's top lawyer, Evangeline Wiliamson (Renee Elise Goldsberry) that quickly turned into a relationship.

Another story involved Viki returning to her former split personality Niki Smith to block out the painful memory of being raped by Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born).

She had one child with Clint (Natalie) and the other child (Jessica) was fathered by Mitch.

To the detriment of ratings (which fell to an all-time low in the summer of 2004), much of the action revolved around new characters: Antonio's brother Tico (who married Jessica Buchanan), stepsister Sonia, and mother Angelina.

Writers Malone and Griffith chose to leave and were replaced by Dena Higley in December 2004.

It was later found out that she married him to pay him back for the harm he did to the Cramer and Buchanan families.

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