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There was and still is a very substantial proportion of oil heated homes on Long Island, and unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of choices size wise in oil boilers.

Even today, 65K is about the smallest and many manufacturers smallest are in the 85K range. I have an answer to those as well and no measuring required!

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I had a little bit better luck this time around, and while not everyone was buying this method of boiler sizing, enough were.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t nervous when the first stretch of design temp weather set in but amazingly enough, no complaints!

The result is a measure of how many BTUs your home lost per Heating-Degree-Day.

Now divide that result by 24 to obtain the number of BTUs your home loses per heating-degree-hour.

I started doing quite a few with the new computer but after awhile I noticed something: the numbers were almost all the same.

No sense spending time measuring another ranch when you’ve already done 10 of them and they are all within 5% of each other!

Lastly, multiply the result by the difference between 70°F and the design temp.

For example, if the design temp is 0°F, then the difference you multiply your heating-degree-hours by is 70°F.

As a last resort you can always break out the tape measure!

We've been in the game since 1982, long before most ski areas had open the slopes to boarding.

The existing boiler was 160K, the quotes were from 160-225K — all from reputable local companies, who at that point in time had been in business a lot longer than me.

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