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This blog will concentrate on drinking vessels and only one picture of the magnificent windows of the Chartres Cathedral.

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The Right Side (called Pages) are: Notes of interest on Glass, Private Collections and Museum Collections.

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Type Life doesn’t make many words, and instead shows plenty of letterforms.

Printed in six Pantone colors, it features mirrored words, slanted letters, gradients and all the other things your design prof wouldn’t approve of.

So important and beautiful are stained glass windows in the Middle Ages that generally, that is all you hear about on the subject of Medieval glass.

Most of the glass vessels produced in the later Middle Ages in northern Germany, the Low Countries, and central Europe were made of transparent green Waldglas (forest glass).Looking a lot like a copy machine, the Riso offers a do-it-yourself, economical process that prints one color of ink at a time using a thermal cut screen from a digital image.Given the size and scope of The Positions and Situations Project, it will be printed in three separate volumes.Weaver, Florian Zeyfang 140 pages, color, EUR 8 edited by: Gerry Bibby, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen Graphic design: Dan Solbach Cover: Martin Ebner Poster: Marie Angeletti Park Mc Arthur for Starship, Studs, 2018.1000 magazines pierced and bejeweled Buy it Printed on a Riso RZ390UI 9 colors Perfect bound Cougar Natural Smooth paper Edition of 60 2 artist proofs 22 ads 20 letters 2 interviews This volume was printed on a Risograph, whose lineage comes from the Mimeograph and Gestetner, two processes once used to print underground and alternative newsletters, magazines, and posters.At the heart of this issue is Sang Bleu – the name both of a typeface and of a creative agency.

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