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By cataloging and keeping track of those responses, the chatbot in turn makes it easier for doctors, nurses and family caregivers to better coordinate their responses, ensuring the right health care is delivered at the right time.

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"With a lot of these types of things, humans just forget to follow up on them, so there's a lot of lost opportunities to support people in different ways." More from Modern Medicine: Nobel-winning research says don't take your phone into bed FDA testing human organs-on-a-chip Scientists invent a pen that detects cancer in 10 seconds For a decade Bickmore and Paasche-Orlow have collaborated on health IT projects that make use of conversational artificial intelligence, or what Bickmore calls relational agents: computer agents designed to simulate face-to-face conversations with other people, as well as pick up on gesticulations, facial expressions and body posture.

Their latest endeavor began with a call for technologies that could potentially assist older patients in the last stages of a terminal illness.

This number is expected to double over the next 25 years as the baby boomer generation ages.

The interactions patients are having with these chatbots are monitored continuously by nurses, who can activate care if a patient tells the chatbot they're experiencing symptoms.

These would be issued by a number of high-level institutes, such as the NIH, National Institute of Nursing Research, National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging.

In the medical world, conversational artificial intelligence elicits a mixed response.

"We had not designed a conversational agent for patients with advanced needs for palliative care until this project," Paasche-Orlow said.

I’m tempered to write that only a few years ago most of the people I know couldn’t imagine a medical chatbot that could work as a nurse. Let’s be honest, nowadays most of the people can hardly imagine a machine that helps in diagnosing illnesses as well.

"Primary-care physicians don't think to call in palliative-care services until patients are incurable, when in fact the patient might have been in pain or could've used some kind of intervention beforehand," said Bickmore, associate dean for research in Northeastern University's College of Computer and Information Science.

Today about 90 million Americans live with a serious illness, according to the Center to Advance Palliative Care.

Certainly, those voice assistants are not intended to act as de facto doctors, but the JAMA research found that when people asked their digital voice assistants questions related to their mental health, responses were "inconsistent and sometimes inappropriate." "There's a growing number of chatbots or characters out there that pretend to be a health oracle," Bickmore said.

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