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After a split second, Laporte or his producer cut away incongruously to a view of the home page of Laporte's web browser. ( pm)It's not clear if Laporte realized he exposed the messages on the air.

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Every month, Leo Laporte delivers technology advice to millions of people who download his podcasts and tune in to his syndicated radio show.

He is, as one of his programs bills him, "The Tech Guy" whose digital savvy was recognized, near the dawn of the web, with an Emmy Award.

The court heard James, who 'lived by debt', was employed by Care at Home, a Sunderland based firm which provided carers.

She was contracted to tend to Mrs Davison, who lived at Emblehope House, Farringdon, just one day per week but would visit almost every day.

The court heard James, a school caretaker's wife, would cash the housebound pensioner's weekly Giro and buy her groceries.

A year before Mrs Davison's death James had reported another burglary at the third floor flat where money was taken. Investigators concluded Mrs Davison, who had few outgoings, should have had around £7,000 in cash in her home at the time of her death but only £17 was actually found in her flat.

I'm naked in bed ( am) [Laporte]: waiting for you. The last time we checked, Laporte was married with two children.

The picture of Jennifer and their daughter shopping together in San Francisco.

In it, Laporte and his co-hosts (Kentzell not among them) were discussing a recent overhaul of the user interfaces for various Google apps like Gmail.

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