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The phrase seemed to gain traction after that, at least in certain circles, according to Google’s Ngram Viewer.The usage of “f–k you money” tracks the S&P 500 with an impressive degree of correlation.

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There’s the same boom in the mid-’80s before the drop around ’87, and a steep and steady climb in the late ’90s before a decline beginning in 2002. But at some point between Red Buttons and the Showtime show That makes sense.

All three milieus have two major things in common: big egos and fast-growth fortunes.

To drop an f-bomb on an employer sounds like a luxury, but it might not be the long shot it seems.

To get a ballpark estimate of the money you’d need, multiply the annual expense of maintaining your preferred lifestyle by the number of years you’re likely to live.

In the 100 words I didn't know what to say so I basically said I was looking to branch out and that I hate tight clothes around my abdomen because I have abdominal pain daily. Was this actually supposed to be shipped to my mother? OK, let's get this out of the way — Trunk Club is amazing.

I never actually met with a stylist, which I didn't mind at first because, like 99% of the population, I hate talking on the phone. As I opened it and pulled out each piece, I got considerably less excited. They sent me two shirts I would most likely never wear anywhere other than to bed, a pair of jeans that were comfy but looked awful on my body in my opinion, some shoes (the orange ones) that would be cute on anyone but me, and a dress which I would sleep in because it was comfy but would not want to wear out because...burlap sack. I didn't know what to expect because all I knew about Trunk Club was that it started out as a service exclusively for men and you can only get clothes through Nordstrom.

On the upside, you should also account for the money you could make by investing the nest egg you’ll be tapping over your 50-year retirement.

In this example, an investor taking only moderate risks in the market could get by with just .1 million and still have a 90% chance of making it to 90 without having to curb spending in the golden years, according to Vanguard’s simple retirement nest egg calculator. If you can live on just ,000, you’d just need 0,000 to quit at 40 and live until 90 in probable financial security.

Wilson, like Johnny Carson, pegs its origin to showbiz and names perhaps the earliest adopter as none other than comedian Red Buttons. Froug mentions his colleague Walter Newman’s belief that “keeping his overhead to a minimum gains him the freedom that every writer the world over longs for.

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