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When our firemen tried to enter they were pushed back by smoke and fire.'Mayor Duterte said she told the fire-fighters to retrieve all the dead, stressing: 'you do not stop until you find 37.'She also said the circumstances surrounding the fire would be investigated but added that it was too early to say who was at fault.

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President Duterte served as mayor of the city for more than two decades and continues to visit on weekends.

His daughter succeeded him when he ran for president, with one of his sons winning the position of vice mayor.

In 2015, a fire tore through a footwear factory in Manila, killing 72.

Survivors of that blaze blamed barred windows and other sweatshop conditions for trapping people inside the factory.With low wages but strong English language skills, the Philippines is a popular destination for international companies to set up customer call centres.The building's top floor housed a 24-hour call centre for the US-based market research company SSI.The death toll from a tropical storm that hit the south of the country on Friday rose above 200 and tens of thousands were displaced by severe flooding and landslides.The blaze started at the four-storey NCCC Mall on Saturday morning, sending thick plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky over Davao.When the blaze was finally extinguished only one body was found, said Davao Mayor Sara Duterte - the president's daughter.

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