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The young man from Greater Manchester had made contact with a teenage girl through Facebook before she told him she was 14.

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Snapchat offers a distinctive feature from other social networks in that its users control the visibility of the contents they share with others by defining how long these contents may be available.

Snapchat is changing the way men and women perceive online information privacy and content management.

The results reveal that Snapchat users are concerned about their networks’ privacy, with no significant sex differences, although men's perception of Snapchat privacy is safer than that of women.

Finally, a discussion is presented as to the limitations and implications of these results for further studies.

She says she didn't realize how many people could contact her kids, and she wonders if another mother in Roseville didn't realize it either when her 8-year-old daughter signed up.

"What he did was absolutely sickening," said Carlos Cortez with the Roseville Police Department.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all claims that users must be 13 to download their app. And an Ofcom report at the end of November said 51 per cent of 12 year-olds have a social media account, along with 46 per cent of 11 year-olds.

Declan French, 21, grinned for the camera yards from the courtroom where he would be jailed for two years and four months.

"I know for a fact that this has been seen by many children all over Plymouth as the two children in question have hundreds of Snapchat followers." The NSPCC issued a warning over the loss of control when young people send pictures or videos on Snapchat.

Tahira Rauf, NSPCC service centre manager in Plymouth added the material can put youngsters at risk of being bulliede or being targeted by adult sex offenders.

De las redes sociales existentes, Snapchat ofrece a sus usuarios el rasgo distintivo de permitirles controlar el tiempo que será visible el contenido que comparten con otros.

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