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My brother Jerry frequently argues that if you took an average person, paid them three times the salary that they were getting currently but required them to sit in an empty room staring at the wall for 8 hours a day they probably would not accept the job.

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There is a very commonly held metaphor for empowerment, namely the fishing metaphor.

This metaphor holds that if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, but if you teach them to fish then you will feed them for the rest of their lives.

I refer to this model as the “Care and Growth” model of leadership.

In this article I would like to explore the idea of empowerment or growth a little deeper.

This suggests that if I were serious about empowering this person then I would deliberately withhold the fish in the freezer.

I would, in other words, hold them accountable for what they have been entrusted with.By resources one would understand those things which people add value on.A few examples could be the sculptor’s stone, the chef’s vegetables and the thatcher’s grass.A task is only meaningful if there is a real sense of making a contribution to others in doing it.The issue of accountability suggests that any person’s behaviour could be above or below the standard required of them.My prior research indicates that employees give or withheld their commitment to an organisation on the basis of universally held criteria.

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