Rachel bilson dating october 2016

At this time, Rachel Mc Adams was all over the media, the spotlight was on her and the camera had fallen in love with her.Her entry into acting was sealed and the media labeled her the “it” girl.On reaching the set of the shoot Mc Adams found out that it was a nude shoot, declined and left.

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The movie went on to become a worldwide hit with a solid and detailed plot coupled with stellar performances from the cast. For an actress who has proved time and again that she is at the epitome of acting royalty, Mc Adams lives a simple life that she fiercely protects from the drama of Hollywood. S green card, she says that there is no need to live there as most films are not even shot in Hollywood anymore.

She resides in the Harbord Village neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“In her heart, she is a character actress,” Bezucha said about Mc Adams.

In 2008, Mc Adams came back to acting taking roles in Married Life and The Lucky Ones. In 2009 though, the tides changed as she went back to her winning ways with The Time Traveler’s Wife, State of Play and Sherlock Holmes all of which did well in theaters, taking her back to the commercial success that she was before she took a break.

She was looked at as the next Julia Roberts and the unforeseen move send shock waves in the movie industry.

Mc Adams, Keira Knightley, and Scarlett Johansson were invited to a photo shoot for the March 2006 cover of Vanity Fair, the Hollywood issue.

Movie lovers were just getting accustomed to her great talent and impressive performances on the screen when she took a break from 2006 to 2007 to focus on herself.

Her sabbatical from acting came at a time when all the newspapers could say about her was her great talent and potential to become a worldwide icon.

In 2015, she continued with her array of good performances in Aloha and Southpaw. The movie, directed by Thomas Mc Carthy, details the story of the child-abuse scandal that plagued the Boston Catholic Church. To prepare for her role, Mc Adams stayed in ceaseless communication with Pfeiffer to get all the details of the role first hand.

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