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Pits were dug at these oxbow sites to determine stratigraphy and composition of the deposits.Samples collected from pit walls and auger holes below the pits were subjected to radiometric analysis by gamma ray spectrometry for the artificial radionuclide Cs-137 and the natural radionuclide Pb-210 as well as other U-238 and Th-232 daughters.

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In the absence of historic geochemical baseline data for the Grants uranium region, environmental changes resulting from uranium mine-mill activities can be determined only by indirect methods.

A methodology for determining the age of recent sediments in streams draining the region has been established based on combined geomorphic, stratigraphic, and radiometric dating techniques.

The 1959 input peak of Cs-137 is not commonly seen due to the downward diffusion of the isotope and/or inadequate resolution. We encourage our clients to contact us before they begin their program and would be pleased to discuss on the telephone or by email your specific project requirements.

A description of the radioisotopic methods used at Flett Research can be found .

Our client base is international and includes environmental consulting companies, universities, government research institutes and communities.

At Flett we use Lead-210(Pb-210) and Cesium-137(Cs-137) to determine the rate of sediment accumulation in lakes, oceans and other water bodies.The Pb-210 dating was not possible because background Pb-210 was very high relative to fallout Pb-210.We have been providing radioisotope dating services for over 30 years and have dated cores from around the world (See the map below).Because of the dynamic nature of the system, absolute dating with Cs-137 was not possible but samples could be dated as either pre-or post-1950.The 1950 date is important because it marked the beginning of the uranium exploitation in the region.However the method is destructive and other radionuclides such as Pb dating can be undertaken by gamma spectrometry technique.

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