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Once work gets let out, Talk to the new guy by the fountain. After the match, Once you are free to move freely, head to the beach again and talk to Orlean.

Now you can go to the mailbox every wednesday to read Orleans letter and remember the beach scene. Work as a soldier(See Orlean Baskenheim) On the 3rd week go the Pleasure district and head the bar at the back on the map around 1800. Now keep comming back and talking to Nashe untill she mentions a job.

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Meet nashe at the city gates on Saturday between 17 to go on the job Now just continue your week, talking to nashe and whatnot, untill the next saturday between 17 for another job. Once you get back and are off of work, head to the shot bar at 1800 and talk to the bartender.

Now, after the next days work, head to the forest area and talk to an old lady there.

Rest and come back here the next day to talk to her again.

on the third day the old lady should be at the city gates, Talk to her, and a crazy scene comes up.

Now, everyday, talk to orlean untill she leaves the room. Eventually Orlean will mention a Exhibition match and inspection set on 2/21. Keep working as a soldier and talk to Orlean as you gain more stats to see how far you have advanced with the sword.

On 1/22, orlean called me into her office to help find her lost frog/dragon thing. Now talk to the guy for the 3rd time, then head to the beach, and walk to the right of the small row boat. If everything goes well, You should be able to win the match.

Talk to her once everyday untill Feb 20th, when the storm comes.

After work on the day of the storm, just head home and talk to her. Luminace should wake you up and you shall get a nice scene with her.

You can talk to her again to get the same scene with a bit of a dialog change. So, do this while on someone else route for a change of pace. After the first day of work, Nemesia should appear at Fountain Plaza at 2200. On the next day after work, Nemesia should appear at the Graveyard around 1900.

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