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Other than that, the phone is slow, it stalls or completely blinks out, and the fact that it is so thin, it is easy for the phone to get water damage.

The battery is terrible, I can talk on the phone for 10 minutes, next thing I know the phone is dead. Please save yourself the trouble and do not get this phone. It might cost more than the Razor but it is worth it. and it was the worst thing i could have ever asked for... everyone i know who has a razor has a horrible battery life..

i used to brag about the service i got on my phone until the company, not the phone, changed around something and put this red box up there next to my signal bars, now everytime i try to call out i have to wait a few seconds before it connects if it does at all. i would go nuts if this sucker didnt have a camera to spare. I also have motorola mobile tools software, which i great!

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This software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches.

Before you download: Android® Security Patch Level: 2018–01-01 The current software update gives you the most up to date Android security patches on your device.

this phone is good, durable, and i should have waited. also, this phone is old and i want to get rid of it ASAP. If there were any upsides, I would have to say that atleast this phone didn't break when I dropped it. I had V3M for over then a year and never had any problems.

i have dropped it many many times and it still keeps working. gosh PROS: 1.3 mp camera is decent...atleast it has a camera. Now, I have the Blackberry Curve 8330, which is pretty nice. I am able to go on-line, play mp3's, watch full size dvd movies (with the help of GB micro SD card), transfer mp3's to the phone and apply them as a ringtones - never had to buy a ringtone yet!

Tap Install Now and the device will power down and restart.

A screen will appear stating that the installation has been completed. To check your software version from the home screen: Updating while roaming You won't receive a software update notice if you're roaming.

It is finally time for an upgrade for me this month, so I'll be getting a new phone soon. I gave this phone hell, especially during the last month of my contract with the phone, because I was due for a new one anyway. But when you want to go back to "Abc" mode, you can only do so using a menu. Nokia 3120 on AT&T provided all these except good network coverage. On Razr, the fastest route to a blank txt composition is Msgs Txt Msg (OK). On Razr, to type a number into a txt msg, you've got to either scroll through to the last choice on each key (that's 10 presses on the #1 key to type the number "1"), or you have to select a different input mode (ie, switch from "Abc" to "123" mode). Can't program the voicemail speed-dial to automatically send your password. AT&T allows you to do away with this and use your own personalized message instead. Save yourself the frustration and check out the KATANA DLX, LG Rumor, or any other (non-moto) phone. I got this razr in Christmas of 05 and it is just terrible.

Much to my surprise, it withstood dozens of beatings until I threw it out of my car onto a highway, and even then, the only things that were wrong were that the signal wasn't quite as good, and the screen occasionally turned white for a few seconds. Sure, the picture quality wasn't that great, but it was good enough to catch some spur of the moment things, and to make them into some cool backgrounds on my phone. Motorola RAZR V3m on Verizon only gives the network. Contrast this to one click on my Nokia, just hit left nav-button, and go straight to a blank text composition screen. Contrast this to the Nokia 3120 on AT&T: You just hold down the #1 key for 1 second, and it types "1". The battery life sucks, my keyboard no longer light's up. In the middle of talking to somebody it will black out the go blue then lose it's signal and it malfunctions. One thing I will say is that if you drop it, it still survives. has a great speaker, and lots of space, especially if you buy one of them one gig thingers. they are very flat, and you cant feel where you are on the keypad.

However, recently, when I switched on my phone, it switched to Webtop mode, even though it wasn't connected to my dock nor to any HDMI cable.

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