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All the other nut studies in this review were what are called isoenergetic studies, meaning they adjusted the calories to ensure people would stay the same weight—which makes it even more remarkable that in some of the studies, people miraculously lost more weight eating nuts.Both groups were given the same kind of diet, but one group was given handfuls of pecans.

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Then, they put people on a low-fat diet, and they lost weight. Three-quarters of a cup of pecans added to their daily diet for eight weeks.

And, what happens when you add a handful or two of walnuts to that low-fat diet? With 450 calories added to their daily diet, they should have gained about a pound a week—but didn’t gain an ounce.

The first was a comparison of a low-calorie diet with or without nuts, and though at first, it looked like the nut-free diet was going to win out, by the end of the study (18 months), no significant difference was found.

Similar to what was concluded in the latest review on food and long-time weight change over time.

Weight gain most associated with junk food intake: potato chips, french fries, soda pop, and meat, and weight loss most associated with vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and, surprisingly, yogurt—they think it may be due to the probiotics.

The investigators conclude “minimally processed foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be increased.” Indeed, “[g]lobal epidemics of obesity and chronic disease amplify both the health and economic imperatives of altering current agricultural and food-industry priorities.

Many small dietary and lifestyle changes together can make a big difference—for bad or good.” And for nuts, it was good.

Here’s the latest review on nuts, published 2012 (we’re finally getting to the end; sorry for this long video), which concluded: “[In] human supplementation studies, nuts have been shown to improve…[cholesterol and arterial function] and reduce inflammation, all without causing weight gain.” And, finally, three last papers, published not just 2012, but actually August 2012.

One found no significant change; the other five out of six measures found significantly less weight gain, and risk of abdominal obesity, in those eating more nuts. But, I want to make sure to get through each one, so you have a kind of comprehensive sense of what’s out there. Can you even tell the zero-nuts-a-day group from the 121-nuts-a-day group? A cross-sectional study between nut intake and fatness: the skinniest people ate the most nuts; the fattest people ate the least nuts.

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