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The law of lateral continuity states that the deposition of sediment is continuous unless there is a barrier or subsequent changes in the landscape break up layers.

This can be a challenging concept to understand, but if you imagine a basin where sediment is deposited, this principle states that the sediment will be equally deposited in this area until there is no more sediment or until the sediment reaches the edge of the basin or another barrier.

Fossils are of special importance in relative dating because they help scientists understand the ages of certain rock formations, as well as what kinds of organisms lived together at the same time. First, the organism must be rapidly buried and remain buried over time.

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Below, we will discuss some major types of fossils and why they are relevant to relative dating.

Index fossils are those that are used to define geologic time.

Index fossils are incredibly useful in relative dating.

Because of their boom-and-bust qualities, the presence of an index fossil can be used to assign a relative age to sedimentary rocks in which the fossil occurs.

Since many plants and animals have large habitats, this can be very useful in helping to date sediment layers of interest.

Fossils are any preserved remains or traces of an organism that previously lived.Index fossils can also be used to determine relative ages of nearby layers of sedimentary rocks.Characteristic fossils belong to a period, but do not define the time period.By studying relative dating, you prepare yourself to make your own insights about different kinds of ancient environments and biomes on the APES exam.Relative dating is the process of establishing a sequence of historical events and relative ages of rocks by looking at sedimentary rock formations and their features.The foreign object is thus older than the sedimentary rock because it was there before the sediment that formed the rock.

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