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Change the word "hazing" to "abuse" and people take a different look at it.'The fact that they treated him like road kill, the fact that they treated him so poorly and didn’t help him – that just goes to show you the character of the individuals that were there.'When asked if any of the parents of those charged reached out to him or his wife, Tim Piazza said: 'A couple of parents sent us letters saying "We’re sorry for your loss, my son wasn’t there."'In a couple of cases, their son was right in the middle of it.

It’s nice to get the letters, but is there really sincere remorse?

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Prosecutors charged an additional 12 members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity on Monday in the death of 19-year-old student Timothy Piazza after examining the recovered surveillance-camera video from the night he died.

Piazza, an engineering student from Lebanon, New Jersey, died on February 4 after consuming a dangerous amount of alcohol and suffering fatal injuries when he tumbled down flights of stairs.

'It’s the hazing, it’s the furnishing of the alcohol.

It’s the abuse that happened.'At the end of the day, this is all abuse.

=].1st off we will neva die alone juggalos will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each n every on of us.

ok i love this chat room cause eery1 can talk about psychopathic records and not get judged by anyone and i love it for that reason Wow, I love this chat as well as the Canadian local chat room, always someone new and something interesting going on.

I found this free chat room about 2 years ago and just recently been on and off. It's a great new way to meet people.there are so many different subjects to pick from and talk about.

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